View Full Version : Best way to enclose and power 8 12" Infinity Kappa 350watt rms subs?

07-26-2006, 01:18 AM
Let me start off by saying that I want to get my system sounding as loud as I can get it without spending a fortune on amps. I know that I can get some great power with all these subs but I need help. Oh and if it would be just too expensive to run all 8 I can run whatever number needed under 8 aswell. Well I have 16 but I definately know I cant run all that.

I have a Chevy Cavalier 2002 LS. The back seat can be removed or folded down to make one level (pretty much) plane from the back seat area to the trunk. So I could put a 2 sub wide x 4 sub long box through there with 8 subs. I could also remove the bottom cushon of the back seat and put a single sub wide rectangular box with 4 subs across that, and have another box in the trunk with the other 4 subs.(probably a square one or some wierd shape to accomidate trunk room...though the trunk is a good size.)

Here are pics. I would really like to get some sugguestions on enclosures, as well as some good amps to run these at their best (without the amps costing a fortune...i dont need absurd amps, just ones that will make them pound something decent.) Oh and any sugguestions on extra batteries, capacitors and the like are also appreciated. I am pretty new to the car stereo scene, though i know a little.

Oh btw my current system is still in there, I havent sold it yet though I plan on it if I can get someone to buy. It's ok, nothing spectacular though it still rattles. But I'm ready to move it up a notch (or 2..:D)









07-26-2006, 01:22 AM
free air all the subs off of the top of the roof, it will be teh loudest.

07-26-2006, 01:25 AM
omg... LOL. Just build a fiberglass wall behind the drivers seat and IB it back into the trunk.

07-26-2006, 02:39 AM
omg... LOL. Just build a fiberglass wall behind the drivers seat and IB it back into the trunk.

[email protected] of the roof...well that isnt what I had in mind.

And Loudcrown, what do you mean IB it back into the trunk? I get the fiberglass wall bit, i can do that. But then what?