View Full Version : Question Regarding Tweeter buzz Plz help

07-24-2006, 07:08 PM
Hello everyone,
In my car I have an alpine 9833 headunit and infinity kappa 6 1/2 components up front powered by an infinity ref7540a 4 channel amp but am only using the front outputs to power components. I also have a JL 500/1 powering two jl subs also if it matters. Anyways, I get this low buzz constantly coming from my tweeters in the front. The buzz amplifies a little when i turn the volume from 0-1 but there is always a contant buzz at 0. The wierd thing is, is that even when i unplug the rcas from the amplifier it still has this static sound. Even when the car is not running and it is just off the battery it makes the sound. It is not very loud but still quite audible and annoying. If anyone could help explain this i would greatly appreaciate it. I might send the amplifier back to infinity to see if it is defective but i am hoping this isnt the case.

07-26-2006, 06:08 PM
Check the speaker wires... make sure none of them are shorted to ground.

If not, then it's probably the amp. Got another amp anywhere you can substitute temporarily?