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07-22-2006, 11:06 AM
So heres whats up. I have 2 memphis Studio class subs (old, but good imo) in a ported box. the box is beat, made of fiberboard and is falling apart. i bought it off a newb shop back in 2002, and i just recently got the subs back after selling them to a friend. here's memphises reccomendations for the memphis studio sub

ported = 2.0 cubic feet
port = 4x8 which mine is a square
and fb of 42

im going to be building a new box and i just have a few questions.

my box is 2 chambers, should i build one with just one chamber?

should i use a bigger/different port? the subs sound amazing but the box is whats holding me back. i think it has alot of holes in it and such

also, who can design me a box that would make these things wang on 500rms each?

heres the specs to the sub

fs = 28
vas = 3.3
mms = 147
linear xmax = .54
peak to peak xmax 1.08
qms = 7
qes = .55
qts = .50

keep in mind this is the first box that i hav eever built, and still will need more help probably. heres some concerns i have

What glue do i use
what kind of caulk do i use (be specific, theres tons.)
fiberglassing the inside? should i do it

im looking for a box that is a good mix of spl/sq..but will still let me do a decent number on the tl (143ish)

please help a first time carpenter, lol

07-22-2006, 11:22 AM
if the box is only one chamber you won't need as much port so in return you will gain more space

i can design a box for ya 4 cubes @ 38 should get them thangs wanging

i like titebond premium II woodglue..
i like liquid nails silicon sealant
no need to fiberglass it

07-22-2006, 12:37 PM
4.0 at 38 hz you say? how will that sound on music like rap/techno/rock..also..spl wise would it let me do a decent number?