View Full Version : Pioneer DH-16/1600 Head Unit

07-21-2006, 10:55 PM
Review of the Pioneer DH-16/1600 HU

This is a lower end head unit. It was purchased along with 4 speakers for $99.99. However, once again for those of us on a tight budget it's a good deal.

Specs :
Mosfet power : 50W x 4
Built in equalizer settings or customizable.
Source level adjustment (very nice)
Selectable loudness control
Selectable front image enhancer with rear LPF of 100/160/250Hz
RCA preouts..1 pair...only 2.2 volts.....(not too nice but workable)

Reliability: So far so good. Have had it in for only 6 months but absolutely no complaints.

Value: Excellent. When you can find them at wal-mart they're worth the money. Plus it comes with 4 speakers which can be used or sold on ebay cheap to recoup some of the cost.

Durability: Only had it in for about 6 months now but it's been consistant all the time.

Sound Quality: Compared to other decks I've owned. It's excellent for the money. Once again you're most likely not going to win any SQ contests with it but it's $100 and well worth it.

Features: Lots of them and they make a huge differance in sound quality. The factory settings are so "generic" that they kinda kill any desired attention to detail. But almost every aspect can be adjusted to some degree and just a little fiddling can give you great results.

Ease of use: Very easy to learn the functions and controls.

Overall: 8 out of 10