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07-20-2006, 11:37 PM
hey, Pretty simple.
I have written and written.
I was Near convinced to get two MB RVE 216's for Fronts and rears.
Or ... two MB 661s, for the same thing.

Then to keep reading that basically they are both worthless, just more or less affordable.. And next to get the CDT or Focal. CDT isnt worth it really unless HD, which are expensive.. along with the 216 V2 focal.

I am a SQ guy. I want clear and nice sound. The MB and DA seems to lack in their mids from what i read. Best shot is to go CDT or Focal uppper class. But then i run out of money. I was hoping to get 2 component sets.. But the CDT and Focal are too expensive. With the MB or DA , i can get two sets for like 300 is. Im lucky to get ONE set of the CDT or FOcal for that. And i also need rear fills.
Not to mention i have to find a nice amp for my Old style Shiva;s. I think imma just go Jl or Jbl whcih ever made that nice 1000 watt, Since the 1000 is near the price to the 500watt.

What do u all think?
I wanna realy just get the two sets of components to get better sound, but i really dont wanna have a lacking mid section. I am into vocals as well. Im not a spl guy. Im going to adjust my system right, i just like the price of the shiva's. but i see so many problems on the forum about the mid class, and great SQ?

Thanks for the help.


07-26-2006, 03:16 AM