View Full Version : Diamond D6 1000.1

07-19-2006, 10:24 PM
Okay, so I ordered my D6 1500.1 last tuesday and found out today it was on backorder til the middle of next month, according to Diamond Audio. So I tell my dealer, and he hooks me up with a loaner amp, which happens to be a D6 1000.1 I've seen just collecting dust on his wall. Powering 2 M6's, I'd have to say it sounds ridiculously good. My gains are about 1/4 way up. The output is amazing, I thought it would sound more like what it did when my Phoenix Gold X600.1 (rated at 842 watts) was pushing them. Who kneww what a difference it would make. I'm sure the amp is somewhat underrated since 160 watts shouldn't make that much of a difference. Obviously I like Diamond, but I honestly did not expect it to outperform the 600.1 by such a margin. The sound quality is just so awesome and the power is extremely clean. Hell, I might even keep the 1000.1. Great product by Diamond if you want some clean, compact power. Thumbs up from me. Just wish Diamond would update their site.. haha. P.S. if anyone has a manual for this amp out there, I'd love it if you send me some pictures on setting the crossovers. I hate guessing what frequency it's set at. haha.