View Full Version : FS: NAD 3020 integrated amplifier, perfect dorm/2nd system amplifier.

07-19-2006, 08:38 PM
Let's see if I can get any interest in this...it's a NAD 3020 integrated stereo amplifier - does around 30Wx2, late '70s vintage, excellent piece of gear. Do a Google search on this one, it's developed almost a cult following. Mine's in great condition, and I'm picky about the way my gear looks. Works 100%, no scratchy channels or pots...

One of the neat features about it is how easy you can bypass the power amplifier, making it into a preamp for whatever amp you'd like to use. Unlike most modern receivers, it has an excellent onboard phono stage for MM cartridges. But the PA is no slouch; it drove my JBL S38's to the point of pain, and those aren't exactly easy speakers to drive.

Like the title says, this isn't a receiver, but an integrated amp - so if you want AM/FM broadcast capability, you'd have to add a seperate tuner.

Looking for $200 + shipping...pictures are available on request.