View Full Version : Nakamichi Sp-w1200d

07-15-2006, 12:00 PM
Hello guys i recently picked this guy up for 160 shipped new good price i think.

and im looking all over to find out what kind of box i need for it. sealed or ported and what cubic ft inch someone said 1.2 but that was for a single voicecoil mine is a dual voicecoil.

07-15-2006, 03:22 PM
bump. The place in my town that built custom boxes went out of buisness so im hoping to buy one online. specs are

Diameter: 12" 305mm

Sensitivity: 88dB

Power Handling: Watts RMS: 450 Watts Watts Peak: 650 Watts

Frequency Response: 20Hz-500Hz

Nominal Impedance: 2 x 6 Ohms Cone Material: Pulped Paper Basket Material: Aluminum Surround Material: 2.25" Rubber Spider Material: Nomex Magnet Weight: 120oz.

Voice Coil: Dual Free-Air Resonance (Fs): 28.15Hz Mechanical Dampening (Qms): 6.297 Electrical Dampening (Qes): .742 Total System Dampening (Qts): .663 Voice Coil DC Resistance (Re): 5.6 Ohms (Dual) Equivalent Acoustic Volume (Vas): 74.504 Liters Effective Diaphragm Area (Sd): 49.087 sq. meter Linear Coil Excursion (Xmax): 12.5mm Half Space Output Level (SPL): 88dB Energy Bandwidth Product (EBP): 43 Mass of the Moving System