View Full Version : box design help

07-09-2006, 06:21 PM
heres the list of whats gonna go in

1 50ft roll 1/0 knuconceptz black
1 50ft roll 1/0 knuconceptz red
300 amp ea alternator
2 optima yellow tops
80sq ft second skin damplifier
2 xxx 12" subs
2 kicker zx2500.1
1 kicker 450.2
mb quart qsd210 with 6.5" add on
alpine 6.5" indash dvd with add on equalizer setup
100ft 4wire 12ga
100 ft 2 wire 12ga from knuconceptz

I have a 2006 mustang and im looking into get 6.5 cubes
i want to have the subs facing towards the trunk from inside the car, so i'd be pulling out the backseats
and have the amps mounted on the bottom part of the seat

heres the problem.... the trunk of a mustang is a pile of **** to work with and i cant forsee putting a regular box in their it just wont work.

so i need some ideas and some people to help me.

07-09-2006, 06:27 PM