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07-09-2006, 11:09 AM
Kinda funny.

I still havent bought my stuff Yet.
I was gonna buy them for my Camaro. but my Car went down hill. My Car is gone. lol
So now i have my Taurus. Lol, SHO!

So, i was looking at my CDT's EF61 - If anyone knows of a good replacement or better quality Please Let me know, Im out of the loop again. And also someplace to buy them. I saw them on Ebay for 300. Now i guess that is ok for components. But i need rears, and an amp. So.. im looking at alot of speaker stuff. lol. Not the biggest thrill in the world. i have the amp for my Fronts. a boss amp at about 115 per channel. I guess im going to get a JBL for the Shiva's. maybe a good deal on components and rears? just get a kit? CDT has them. The thing i am picky about for my components. Is like.. Most components have this like whistle or high pitched noise There is silence during music. I hate that. MB had some speakers that didnt do that. I think Clarioin did too. I cant remmber. Im thinking back like... 3-4 years.
Soo.. let me in if you guys can.