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07-08-2006, 09:10 PM
Not sure how many of you out there are aquainted with this HU but wanted to know if I should save the money now to put a more complete system in my car. I have my heart set on Rainbows with a dedicated amp. You know what kinda $$$ i'm getting into. Passing on Rainbows for an alternative could allow me to get my amp and sub now.

The Pioneer Premier P8MP was thier first shot at using the 7 way rotary commander which has made its way onto most of the new pioneer HUs. Its packed with a mosfet 60w x 4 (27w x4 continuous). I have it hooked up to the stocks but the head pushes too hard. And I only have the volume 60% and the loud is only in its 1st of three stages.

What would be the perfect comp 6.5 to run off the front channel? And nobody say "no comp", I kinda understand that but I need feedback. What will get me by? The reason I'm reaching for a comp is because they split the midbass and tweet locations in my new ride. Now I have 6.5 in the doors and tweets in the window location. I heard about the theory that a sub should be powered buy atleast 70% of total power. Can this hold true to comps? I have a set of 6x9 type R two-ways to add rear fill. Here are some ideas below. My budget would be less than $150 and won't buy used.

Arc Audio KAR 265 50rms/100peak $90

Phoenix Gold R6.5COMP 70rms/140peak $80

Phoenix Gold RSd 65cs 5-60rms/120peak $89

Helix Blue 62 MKII 50rms/100peak $120

JL Audio TR650-CSi 50rms/ rec. amp 10-75watts $120

Thanks in advance...

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07-14-2006, 06:13 PM
I haven't heard any of the sets you're looking at, but I'd suggest NOT getting any that are 87/88dB sensitivity as they won't get very loud off of HU power.

I have a pair of JBL coax's that are 92dB and they are respectably loud/clear off of HU power for rear fill. GTO series, maybe see if they have a cheap comp set.

Otherwise do a search on "HU + comps" and do some reading....