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06-25-2006, 09:52 PM
Sorry about this guys, but i just want to make sure my future stereo will be :yumyum: instead of:crying:.

Anyway. My Dilemma:

1986 Toyota Pickup....in good condition...However, its a single cab, no room for kicks (i can't make my own because i don't have the patience, skills, money or time) and i can't find any that will fit..The only actual speaker is the 4"s in the Dash. I have about 7" behind the seat which would host a super slim sub.

I want good speakers, but i don't have any idea were to put them. I was thinking of either getting:

a) a 3 way comp set, tweeters somewhere on the doors, 4/3.5"s in the dash and the woofer behind the passenger and driver seat (it's a bench seat, theirs no seperation) and then a slim sub in the middle.


b) a 4" coaxil in the dash and a 2 way comp set with the woofers and tweeters mounted in the same place.

That being said, i need a good speaker choice. I've been hearing good things about Boston Acoustics, so i was going to go check them out tommarow (thinking a G112 sub, a SL60 comp set and the RX47 in the dash. I also have been hearing loads from the rainbows, and i was thinking that a SLC 365 MIGHT be a possibility by mounting them where i said above, however it would be quite weird, and costly (how much do they cost Mr. Don?)

I really don't want to spend over 300 bucks (on the speakers) and my amp would only be 125 watts (4 ohm) so i can't get the pro60's because they need more power (and their too expensive).

I want something warm, natural sounding, with good midbass and clear but not shrill metallic or harsh highs.

Thank You.

06-25-2006, 09:55 PM
You could have a pair of custom kicks made.

06-25-2006, 11:06 PM
well rainbow makes the slc in 2 way, and 3 ways so u set with what ever u want.

Very natural sounding a lil laid back pretty good mid bass for power, imo good buy for around 220 - 230

PM 6spdcoupe for them cause he 1/2 dealers in us or north america something like that


06-25-2006, 11:38 PM
how much would custom kicks cost? If i were to put a woofer behind the seat would it be muffled?