View Full Version : box suggestions for mtx9500

06-18-2006, 10:54 AM
Im wanting to build another box for my MTX thunder 9500 12" and who knows I may even build 2 just to compare but I was looking for suggestions on the size of the box and all since a bigger box means less power handling? or something, I would have thought its the other way around but right now the box I built is 2ft^3 and Im pretty sure its tuned to around 32-34hz but I dont really know how to calculate port size and everything to tuning hz

for the first box I just used the reccomended specs from MTX and I was thinking about doing a lower tuned box and a sealed box for my car and I was hoping maybe somebody had some more experience with these subs or boxes that could help me out with what would probably sound best with the sub....downside is that I only have 14" height to work with because of my 6x9s

06-18-2006, 03:52 PM
the only box i made was a 1.5ft^3 sealed for a dude in a wrx. he originally had 2 ported RF 10" running off a JL 1800d. He told me if anything goes wrong whether if its not loud enough, etc he'd give me a call. its been 3 weeks so far i havent got a call from him :)