View Full Version : Is this good for 2 12" l7's

06-17-2006, 03:11 AM

Im lost in the sauce. This is going to go in an s10 extended . I am oveseas and need a box it says 3.75 cu ft of air space but I can't tell will that be only 1 chamber or two as in it only has 1. 73 or what not per chamber. I cant get anyone to build me a box cause I dont ahve dimensions for my truck so this is last resort. Any info if this box would be good. I cant build my own cause im in Iraq and wanna have a box and system ready by the time I go on leave.

06-17-2006, 04:55 AM
Wow, high price, small box.Looks to be 3.75 for both chambers, because they look afully small.

What year S-10??

I have a pretty good idea on those, and a good friend of mine owns one so I can get measurements no problem.Shipping down to you would probably put my box at about the price of that, maybe a little more.But I guarantee you it'd sound a lot better and 99/100 it'll be louder ;)