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05-30-2006, 02:11 PM
I need some opinions on speakers, and can't really decide on what to get. I am finally getting around to replacing all 4 speakers in my 2000 F-150. For a short period of time the speakers are going to be running off the stock HU (until I save enough for an amp to run them).

The problem I have is that there are so many diff speakers, that I have no idea which to go for. I am looking to probably spend somewhere around $200 for both front and rear (I don't want to spend more than that as I can't afford to, and am really only after improvement on the stock speakers). So far I have looked at and listened to Alpine's (SPS-57C2), JL Audios (can't remember model), Polks (Db-570), Infinity's (6812cf) but standing in a store am unable to figure out which is better. Prices vary all over the place, usually with eBay being the best option.

At the moment I have no intentions of adding a sub, and probably never will in this vehicle. So I want something that will at least provide some amount of bass (although I realize that speakers are never going to give me a huge amount of bass). And as I already mentioned I will be adding an amp to them in a few months time, so possibly need to take that into consideration.

So any recommendations? or are the ones I listed above about as good as I can get for the budget I have? Thanks.

05-30-2006, 03:08 PM
You don't really have the funds to work with so to speak...so just get an amp and run your stock doors on the amp..see how you like it.