View Full Version : ported box help for two L5s

05-30-2006, 01:40 AM
Ok I can't decide on whether to build a sealed box or ported box for my L5s that I will soon be getting. I was just going to do a sealed box but then everyone said a ported box with the L5s is a heck of a lot louder. I have a 94 honda accord, its a good size trunk but not just huge. Right now I have two boxes in there that are around 4 cu ft each. But I have absolutely no more room.

So what size box would you recommend? It will prolly be two separate boxes for each L5, since it would be prolly impossible to fit 1 big box in at a time I will have to put them in separate.

One other thing what do you recommend I tune it to? I listen to mostly rap/hip hop.

800 RMS will be going to each L5.

btw I have never built a ported box before so I dont really know much about it. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could make me a box. Not literally but like give me the dimensions and everything for the best size box tuned for good SPL for rap/hiphop. I could give you the dimensions of my trunk. I really dont know where to start. I've looked at the diagrams and read the tutorials but still im pretty lost. I've only delt with sealed boxes.

Thanks. :)