View Full Version : Second Skin Spectrum... A++

05-29-2006, 10:02 PM
ok, so this weekend my good freind josh and i decided to install the spectrum that i had recently purchased. we took apart my interior friday night, and prepped the car. saturday morning, we began to paint this stuff on. we put a few layers on the inner panel of my doors/hatch/rear floor/rear roof, and then sealed all the holes off with peel and seal/aluminum foil tape. fast foward two days, and around 6ish layers later, and WOW. this stuff is very very impressive. i really began to have doubts as we were putting it on, because it just didnt seem like it would do much as we only used barely over 1 gallon to coat my whole interior(minus firewall/front floor) and that 1 gallon coeverd allot! we just put a bunch of thing layers(with a heater going in beetween each) and then we put on a thick final layer. we installed my new rca's/remote wire. then reasembled the interior. after making sure everything was on properly, we wired up my new head unit DEH-P780MP, and installed my jbl BP600.1/Brahma 12"(got it reconed friday afternoon at adire) in a [email protected] box. after messing with the head unit and getting it to sound pretty good, we started to crank it up, until it was extremely loud in the car. we then got out to see what it sounded like, and other than the slight rattle of my rear windshield wipor(barely noticeable) you could barely tell that we had anything in there, let alone a brahma.

forgot to mention that we filled up most my pillars/allot of the hatch area with foam first(the black can GOOD STUFF big crack filler)

all in all, this has been my best upgrade to date, and it should have been the first. i reccomend this product to anyone thinking about deadening there vehicle. the only downside i found it has was that it took longer to apply than mat, other than that its a great product, and i highly reccomend it!


oh yeah, the doors shut with a nice thud too :) and the wind/road noise has been reduced drastically