View Full Version : need a box

05-26-2006, 02:23 PM
If anyone else can help out thats great to but this is for "Mountaineer Man" i tyed to pm you but it says your box is full so heres the pm:

Hey man i got my 2006 Brahma 12" and i would like you to design a box for me, i dont know what type of box i want i see snail shell and horn and TL boxes do well, i just want max SPL to go to comps with, but i wanna be able to listen to it also so sq isnt a huge concern but id rather it not sound like total *** you kinda know what i mean, i have some size limitations but its not as bad as i said before since im gonna take the back seat out and make a sub floor to set the box on, ill get some measurements to you just let me know what im may be looking at price wise and how long it should take you to design, I normally use 3/4 mdf for boxes cause i cant 1" here so if i need to double up the face of the box or all if it just let me know what i should do im gonna be pushing the sub with a Hifonics Titan TX1505D wired to 1ohm. Thanks man get back to me when you can.
(we talked before about this but i had size limitations so i can get a better box now :D )