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05-13-2006, 12:55 PM
I hope this is in the right spot...it seems like it is. Anyway I've recently lost both my subs, one broke and I then blew the other after putting it in a box, and had to take my baffle setup out.

Baffle (my setup):
After having the one good sub in a box I thought it sounded a lot better. I had no more rattles, the baffle wasn't secured strongly, and deeper bass, it probably wasn't sealed to well either. I decided I would try another setup similar to this, but not as fancy:

More like this probably:

There are a few things I would like advice on before I decide on sticking with the IB setup or going with a new setup. If I don't go IB I will have a hole in my rear deck. I was thinking I could (learn how to) fiberglass over the hole and make it look really nice. Another thing is on the left side of my trunk I have a factory XM receiver behind the panel. The car above did not have this so I would have to figure out where to move it and how to remount it. I was hoping to have the amp mounted in a similar fashion, on the panel, but maybe make it look like it's floating or something. I was hoping to make a new panel out of fiberglass, figuring that out and how to mount it will probably be a new post. If I go back to IB I will have to have a shop do it since I have attempted an IB before and did not do to well. The other setup I can figure out with the help of some friends.

What do you guys think? I need somthing light and I need to be able to use my trunk. Thanks!

I just wanted to add that the shop I would go to feels that IB is the best way to go on German cars so they do alot of them.

05-13-2006, 09:11 PM
If you go with the side enclosures you will need the holes in the rear deck so the bass has a path into the cabin space, you could make a frame and cover it with speaker cloth to hide the holes.

What I normally do with european cars is use bandpass enclosures, I use a design with a shaped curve in the response that complements the cabin gain of the vehicle, depending on the particular sub and space available I can do SQL right through to pure spl (spl needs lots of space)