View Full Version : Finally, time for box design

05-07-2006, 10:50 PM
well, after a long and horrid search for a sub, i finally purchased a near new eD 13Ov.2 (bought in Jan. '06). now, its time to design an enclosure.

i know eD has 1 ft^3 for the recommended but i was just curious if there was anything better, as it shows 1 ft^3 for the Ov.2 and Kv.2. obviously, looking for sealed right now, not going ported YET.

i want it to hit hard, hit all those double bass kick drums hard, want to get as low as possible, and decently loud. oh yea, going to be putting 400 watts @ 4 ohms to it. no plans for amp expansion right now. im looking for a cube, not a rectangle as well. i figured up on rockfordfosgate.com and a 13.75x13.75x13.75 cube (external) is right about 1ft^3 including displacement. should i go a little bit bigger than 1ft^3 or a little smaller? hope i explained everything well.

05-08-2006, 06:03 PM
anbody with any advice.......? would a cube be ok or not? i read somewhere that a cube was actually better and i read somewhere else that it is not good. who knows. i also read that it helps if you put dynomat on the interior walls of the enclosure.........is that a good idea?? i would just use peal n seal. what about polyfill? here is a little sketch i drew up. all dimensions are external, and with the 3/4" wood, it has an interal volume of 1.13ft^3 and with displacement of the sub it will be about 1ft^3. how does it look? any other tips i need??