View Full Version : 5.7 cubes, 2 6" flares. Help with this design (pics)

05-02-2006, 11:31 PM
This is gonna be for 2 12" Type-Rs. I want the most SPL I can get. Currently, I've got em in a 4.7 @ 35hz. This one will be 5.7 @ 35, but with 2 6" flares. Is this too big for R's?

I have carpet walls near the back of the trunk and I plan to make the box fit in between them. How much clearance do I need to give the ports on the exterior from the carpet walls? Will 1 1/2" - 2" be alright for the exterior (I'm pressed on space)? Also, if you look at the top view, going from my sub's spec, the left sub's magnet will be 3/4" away from the closest port. Is that bad? from my understanding, the port should be at least a diameter away from the wall, do they mean away from the opposite wall?

I calculated the port length to be 18.25 inches after flare for 35hz, can anybody else verify this for me please?

You all have been a great help thus far. And now for pics (don't ask why some places are purple, Sketchup is well, sketchy :crazy:. Also, I tried to simulate the flares, but it's kinda hard to do :P.

http://prochobo.com/Pictures/type-r box aero.jpg

http://prochobo.com/Pictures/type-r box aero 2.jpg

http://prochobo.com/Pictures/type-r box aero 3.jpg