View Full Version : need help with tft active matrix monitors.

05-02-2006, 01:14 PM
i just got my monitors in yesterday, there for my car pc.....i wanted to test them out inside my house so i used a 12v dc adapter (is this correct?) and hooked it up. i hooked up my "pc to tv" converter from my computer to the 7 inch tft active matrix screen. turned on the monitor and there was only a still picture. no movement at all... when i moved the mouse and turned off and on the screen then the mouse cursor would be in a different position. so deffinitly its only giving me a still picture. right now the monitor is in ntsc composite mode so that might be it or my monitor is just fuked up. for my indash monitor. no video shows up at all. the screen just flickers no matter what i press. i also hooked them up to a dvd player and still the same thing.. these are brand new monitors so i dont kno what the problem is.
the only thing i can think of that is wrong is the power source(12vdc adapter). which probably is highly unlikly....Any help please...