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04-28-2006, 05:53 PM
i have a slant back hatchback and i was wondering would it be better to have my 2 4" aeroports firing straight up but with a 90 degree elbow in the ports with the woofer firing foward (technicaly its angled but its pointing more foward that upward) toward the hatch or to us just straight ports but firing to the side. i know the first arrangement would have the loading advantage because if im not mistaken thats the best for a hatch (minus a wall of course) but the second would have a flow advantage since its a straight shot out the port for the air. keep in mind a 15" havoc with nine.1 is whats going to be pushing air through the port. also would it be bad to have the ports on opposite sides of the enclosure as in "o0o" (o being the ports and 0 bieng the speaker angled foward) if the first scenario is the better choice

04-28-2006, 05:55 PM
Port up sub foward is fine. But if can port back sub back/up it would be ideal.

05-01-2006, 05:05 PM
actually i misworded that the woofer does fire toward the glass in the hatch. the only way i could fire the port foward and have the box look somewhat nice (show car so that is important) is to put them on top and run them part inside the box part out the box and one to the left of the woofer and one to the right and do somemore fiberglass work(i'll probally cheat and just use resin and fiberglass reinforced filler since it would just be asthetic and not part of the actual internal volume of the enclosure). would that be bad?? i did a similar setup with a 12" idmax that had a 3" pvc port on the left and another on the right and it was still pretty loud. i made another box for it that had like 28 sqin of port area from a single slotport and it was a little louder but the box was bigger also (from 2.5 cubes to 2.75 and i think they had the same tuning). so i dont think its that bad.