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04-26-2006, 02:41 AM
Out with the old and in with the new. In the middle of last year there was short review of the ipod adapter by BulldogSr04 also from Baton Rouge LA (no connection).

It looks like guys from Baton Rouge like to comment on ipod adapters from Pioneer.:)

Background: My current stereo is in my signature. To that I added Pioneers ipod adapter and my ipod. I have a 60 GB ipod that currently has 9874 songs, 416 artists, and about 15 genres. My mp3s are meticulously tagged, and were encoded at 192 kbps - 320 kbps. Most were encoded using the LAME codec. At present I have 100s of GBs of mp3s. I listen to everything from alternative to zydeco. Most frequently I listen to Hip-Hop (Busta, Talib, MosDef, and Jay-Z) and Jazz (Bird Parker, Dizzie Gillespie, and Coltrane)

Hardware: The 2006 Pioneer headunits with enhanced ipod functionality such as the Pioneer Premier DEH-P880PRS are excellent when it comes to commanding ipods with dock connectors directly from the headunit. The ipod is a lame duck when connected meaning its controls are disengaged.

First off I had the CD-IB100 and later got the CD-IB100II both of which were used with the DEH-P880PRS and from my experience other than the color I can not tell a difference.

Navigation: Searching can be performed on the basis of playlist, artist, album, genre, and song much the same as the ipod's inherent menu system using the 7-way rotary commander. Let me say that there is to my knowledge no equal to the ipod when it comes to navigating the content. However, it is important to note that Pioneers present solution is as good as it gets. Using the P880PRS one can display several combinations of info on the screen. Artist/album, artist/song, song/time, and etc. can be displayed, but only in combinations of two with track number/total tracks on the top line. Scrolling through the list of 416 artists can be done while I drive in a minute or so. FYI: I have found that narrowing the list by going through genre knocks that time down.

Sound quality: with the ipod connected via dock connector is as good as it gets. But please remember that the quality of output is proportional to the quality of the music you transfer to your ipod. Contrary to popular belief 128 kbps is not CD quality. Simply put garbage in garbage out.

Conclusion: As you can tell by now I am very pleased with this unit. I could NEVER go back to an adapter that uses auxiliary inputs rather than a direct connection. This is truly heaven. Having high quality copies of 1000s of my songs at my disposal at any time is just excellent. And all of the functionality is accessible by remote control.

Cons: Turning the 7-way commander to scroll can be a bit tedious. I wish the speed would increase as you turn instead of being constant. Also, clicking the 7-way commander up/down moves the unit one song in the respective direction. It would be great if clicking and holding the 7-way would scroll the list.

Edit1: Another minor issue I have is that the units display lags a second or so behind the real time scrolling. As such brief pauses are required to determine where you are. Sorry, I forgot to include this in the review.

05-07-2006, 12:40 AM
Edit2: You cannot display artist and album at the same time.