View Full Version : port placement

04-18-2006, 05:50 PM
i have a enclosure that is 11x33x23.5 that the woofer mounts on top of. also there is fiberglass work that has the woofer baffle mounted like this "\" at about a 45-60 degree angle with the woofer pointing forward. I want to use 2 4" aeroports 9.5" in length but i'm wondering wheres the best place to put the port in the box. if i'm not mistaken aeroports have be half their diameter away from a wall (or twice but i hope its the first) so i was thinking of just making spacers out of 3/4 mdf and mount them firing up near the back wall of the enclosure with one close to one corner and the other close to the other corner but i was wondering if their is any better suggestions and slot port is out of the question due to space limitations,sub on top port in front wall wont work because they would fire directly in the metal of the trunk (not even a inch for the box and the metal) also the setup will be in a 03 celica which is a slant back hatchback ala GM F-body if that helps. thanks in advance for your advice