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04-12-2006, 08:51 PM
Looks like I need both a mounting sleeve and a trim ring for an alpine(9835). Do you guys think I should order off one of the replacement parts sites or ebay? The thing is the Pacific Coast Parts site has the mounting sleeve as discontinued, so i copy pasted the item# into Herman Electronics and it says:

Part Number Manuf Part Number Description

APN15D00529K02 15D00529K02 INNER CASE TDM7582

** The manufacturer has provided a substitute for this item, shown below.
Part Number Manuf Part Number Description

APN15D50406W01 15D50406W01 INNER CASE CDE7833

so I'm thinking it should work since it's supposed to be a substitute, but why is it called an "inner case"? Then, on the Pacific Coast site I see they have a "Trim plate" and I'm not sure if they mean a trim ring, when I put that item# on Herman(to buy all at one site) it's called a "face plate". I don't mind ordering here but im scared it might be the wrong item, i hate how they don't have pics, think its fine?

The other option is ebay, and I find both mounting sleeve and trim ring there BUT it doesn't specify the alpine model, and if it does i see lots of 78XX models but not 98XX's. Where do you guys think I should buy these?

04-12-2006, 08:58 PM
actually i just called a local car audio place, they said they have a lot for the 9835 left over and he said he'll just give it to me :)