View Full Version : building box for 3 JL 12w3's

10-31-2002, 12:23 AM
First off, anyone know what the recommended box volume is for these subs?? The paperwork that came with them said 1.25 cu. ft., but the website says 1.5. Many of the posts that I have read on here say that they'd do better with a slightly bigger box.
I've had these subs in my truck for about 1.5 yr., and I have never gotten great low bass response from them like I should be getting. I figured the volume for each compartment, and it is somewhere south of 1.3, so I figure that I will build a box with about 1.75 cubes for each and maybe put some dynamat in there to take care of the extra space.

As far as box design (keep in mind that this is behind the seat of a single cab truck), I am planning on building a box from 1/2 in. mdf, with a common chamber, not a divided one like I have now. Also, I am going to recess the middle 3rd of the box about an inch, so that I will finally be able to use my flipdown console.

Any ideas about how to crossbrace the inside so that I dont blow it apart or maybe port it, if I can fit a big enough design, would be appreciated.

I'll try to draw out and upload the way I see it being constructed sometime tomorrow.:confused:

10-31-2002, 12:07 PM
I tryed to upload the design, but it wouldn't work.

Also, this is a stupidass question, that Ive probably asked and answered before, but:
Is it possible to wire two of the subs in parallel and one in series, so that I can get more power to them. I know that it's not, and it'll probably blow something but i need to be told that again.