View Full Version : CDA-9853 or DEH-P6800MP

04-11-2006, 09:57 PM
which one i need help with this i want a deck that will give me some nice power and crisp sound, the speakers that i will be running this deck off of would be stock/premium speakers that are in my 98 ford explorer (MACH AUDIO SYSTEM) and the speakers sound great with the stock cd player but i want something that will get them louder and sound better! in the future if i get a system upgrade i wont even be running the speakers off the HU, ill run them off a 4ch amp... what should i get??

CDA-9853 or DEH-P6800MP ((or something else equivelant in price thats not an eclipse))

there running for about the same price on crutchfield... reviews both have some good and bad but some of these people that give their input are idiots sometimes...