View Full Version : Multiple Aero Ports

04-06-2006, 12:07 AM
I've done some searching since I'm going to be using aero ports on the next box I build and tell me if this is correct. As an example, if you can achieve a specific tuning frequency with one 4" diameter port and you want to break that port area into multiple aero ports you need to do this:

since pi*r^2 is the area of a circle => pi*2^2 = 4pi = 12.5664

and if I wanted to break that one port into multiple 2" diameter ports...

pi*1 = 1pi OR pi... so if I take the ratio of the 4" to the 2" I will get 4 therefore I need 4 2" ports to substitute 1 4" port?

4*(pi*1) = 4pi = 12.5664

Thus the number of ports is determined by the ratio of the square radius of the single port to the square radius of the port that will be used in the multiple-port application?