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04-04-2006, 04:13 PM
So if i was do to a Carputer, and got a AC-DC adapter to plug the pc into to give it power, and used a touchscreen to run it. How would my sound be on a stock onboard video work? would i have an adapter to make the 8th inch phono(or whatever it is) to a rca, then split it to two rca's to the two amps, one for highs, and one for lows? and lastly, how about vibration. if its in the wheel wellof my trunk, with a solobaric 15 above it banging from 1300w, how would it take the vibration, or would i need to put the carputer in another location.

Specs on the Carputer will be...

Intel Celeron @ 2.6Ghz
512MB PC3200 DDR (Will be expanded to 1GB)
Intel MOBO w/ onboard sound/video (would i need a different sound card?)
80GB HDD (Will be expanded later if need be)
DVD Rom (Where do i get an ide cable long enopught to reach to the dash in case i play a cd or dvd that isnt stored)
Wireless Network card
Windows XP Home

Anything i left out, LMK.

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04-04-2006, 05:53 PM
Need need for an ac/dc adapter as you car runs on dc ;). Smelleron? :(
You do need a dc/dc psu though.

Just got a call..time to go check out a $9500 sub/box :laugh: :crap:

04-04-2006, 06:11 PM
They have specially designed psu's that can survive the dangerous varying voltages in a car environment as well as have built in startup/shut down controllers so that the computer can shut down safely when u turn the ignition off. Learning about these things is the first step towards even thinking about putting a computer in your car.

If yo didn't know about the things mentioned, i suggest you spend a few hours on www.mp3car.com and check out the forums and the faqs page.