View Full Version : Question about Ai-Net, XM Radio, and CD changers

lil azn 06
04-04-2006, 01:29 AM

First question is that if i were to use a CD Changer, would SQ degrade? (alpine 634)

Second question is that if i were to use Ai-Net, would SQ degrade?

Next, hows XM Radio sound? Sirius? Which is better? Which adapter do i buy for the alpine that uses an AI-Net?

Lastly, how is HD Radio sound like? Is it worth trashin my HU and gettin a new HD radio compatible one? Or is there gonna be a HD Radio adapter perhaps later on?

Im using the Alpine 9855. Thanks

Randy Savage
04-04-2006, 01:34 AM
No, SQ won't degrade with a CD changer (if you go Ai-net).

XM is better then radio, but not close to CD IMO. I have XM in my car and it's pretty good quality as far as static and noise, but the quality isn't close to a CD. Still sounds pretty decent with a direct-connect unit.

Not sure if Alpine makes an XM-direct adapter- they do make a Sirius one, however (SIR-ALP1 is the model # last time I checked). Check out Crutchfield for the XM. You will probably have to do the Terk universal tuner/Alpine direct adapter for XM.

Haven't heard much about HD radio...I'd give it more time to develop before spending $$ on a HD radio IMO.