View Full Version : 4 6*9's/amp/hu for under 500

04-03-2006, 08:09 PM
I need these to replace my stock speakers. Im looking for more spl than sq. so give me suggestions. I know that if i want bass then get subs and amp but i want to build the front first. please let me know info on any speakers/hu/amp that you like it will be helpfull.

04-05-2006, 02:17 PM
if u really want 6x9's and want spl... the MTX have great bass response for 6x9, the TDX6903... but I prefer Polk's MMC690 bass notes better.. not cuz I have it but it has a very wide freq. range and the highs are more crisp too.. look into Alpine SPR-69LP also, heard lottt of good things about them..also these Kicker KS Series KS693.. it depends on u man..
me i am more than happy with what my mmc690 does when it comes to playing low freq., it is loud if tuned right with the right amount of power..cant image 4of them together...i only have a pair in the back and I dont let my front speaker play below 80hz, so basically my rear speaker does all the job do provide bass and they do it VERY well, until i install the sub:D, so bottom line, 4of the babies in a car would be crazy loud:D but keep in mind u will NEVER get ANYTHING compared to a sub....:up2somet:
*edit: wheiter its an 18" or 8" itll still be better than speakers for low freq., I would do a pair of nice decent component in front and 2 8" in rear deck of the car:Dsexy and original and will sound good, and 500$ is way too low for wut u want IMO...