View Full Version : pioneer HU DEH-7800

04-03-2006, 07:30 AM
Just wondering if anyone have bought this Head Unit..How is the SQ and what kind of option does it offer comparing to the Apline 9855 with i current own. I really like this HU because of the beautiful color display it has and plus all its button are blue.

Pioneer DEH-7800

Alpine CDA-9855

If this HU is better then my Alpine cda9855 (which i am so bored of if because of the guidestrip and display (black/white)) meaning better SQ and easy GUI then i like to replace it. I want something that have colored which this HU has and easy operation.

here is some question that like to ask?

anyone has experience the different between EQ. Meaning between Graphic and parametric. Which one is better? i read the specs and the Pioneer has a 13 band Graphic EQ while the Apline has 5 band Parametric/7 band Graphic EQ.

does this HU compare to the Alpine 9855 (i currently have)
Its worth replacing it?