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04-02-2006, 05:48 PM
Earlier this year I was looking at purchasing a DLS amplifier. I learned that DLS requires that you must first check to see if there is a dealer in your area and if you don't have one, then they allow their products to be shipped. Since I did not have on in my area, I found the nearest one to me which happend to be Club X to C in Gleason, WI.

I contacted the owner of the shop, Adam Paulus, to see what he could do for me. I spoke to him for nearly 2 hours about DLS products and which one would be best for my needs. I was orginally looking for an A3, but Adam suggested the A5 would be a better fit in addition to being $50 less.

So I decided to go with the A5. Adam happened to have one in his inventory. He took my credit card and billed me for the amp and the UPS shipping tag and within 4 days the amp was on my doorstep!

The amp was delived as promised in perfect condition and has performed flawlessly ever since. I was impressed by Adam's professionalism and knowledge of the product. He went out of his way to treat me as a valued customer - even during the busy holiday season.

I have recommeded Adam to several forum members looking for great service and comptitive prices on DLS gear. I wouldn't hesitate to give him my business in the future. :)

Club X to C
Gleason, WI 54435

T 715-574-6526
F 715-539-2746
[email protected] ([email protected])
Contact: Adam Paulus