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03-30-2006, 11:35 PM
I'm having someone build a box for my 2x 10 DVC's....

I was originally looking just for the volume that the subs need but after looking around on the web, trying some different calculators I give up. Anyone got some time to make something for me by Monday?

The final specs would be good to just in case we need to make any modifications to fit the trunk.

I just need a simple design with the ports heading upwards, with the measurements found here:



Size: 10"
Frequency Respond: 20 Hz - 500 Hz
Sensitivity: 90 dB
Impedance: 4 ohm
Components Surround Material: Foam
Mounting Enclosure: Non-Enclosed
Top Mounting Depth : 5.31 In.
Bottom Mounting Depth: 5.31 In.
Mounting Diameter / Length: 9.84 In.
# Power handling:800 Watts Peak, 400 watts RMS
# Vented 4 Layer Dual 4 Ohm Voice coils
# Diameter: 2.5" Voice coil
# Nominal impedance: 4 ohms /per coil
# DC resistance: 3.2 ohms each coil
# Frequency range: 20 Hz-1.5 kHz
#Fs: 41 Hz
# Qts: 0.6360
# Qes: 0.7209
# Qms: 5.4047
# Vas: 26L
# Xmax: 11.9mm
# Sd: 0.0346m
# Mounting Depth: 135mm
# Mounting Hole Diameter: 250mm
# SPL: 86.54 dB 1W/1m

Also if my ports face up and are hooked into my deck, which direction should my subs face? Currently they are facing towards the back on the trunk (end of the car).


03-31-2006, 11:31 AM
I would face the subs forward through the ski hole and do your best to seal around the box so that all of the sound is forced out the ski hole and none of the sound kicks back into the trunk. The reason I say this is that ported enclosures have alot to do with the timing of the front wave (from front of sub) and the rear wave (out of port). If you have the subs facing back to the tailights and the ports firing into the rear deck speaker holes then the sound of the port would reach the cabin possibly before the front wave has time to bounce off the back of the trunk and through the ski hole and this may or may not cause cancellation or change the sound. The only real way is to try both ways. The good part about firing forward and sealing off is that you do not have a rattling trunk and very clean sound. If you cannot find the specs for the box go with 1.75 net ported per sub and the box tuned to 30-34hz.

03-31-2006, 05:03 PM
That was our original idea, however after looking into it we found that the gas tank is between the back seat and trunk so porting through the ski hole is going to be difficult.

I think that we were pretty much dead on with the 3.5 cu/ft for the enclosure. The only question that remains is since we've ported the deack with a 3" hole, should we continue to have the box face the tail lights with the ports in the same direction, or should the subs + ports face up to the deck or should the subs face back and the ports up?

04-01-2006, 03:26 AM
In all honesty i'm willing to pay for well done plans with the size of the port/s, tunning and details on the best application for the install.

I usually listen to R&B, Rock, Rap... Sometimes it varies but that's the most common.

I'd be happy to pay by paypal. $5-$10 seems to be the going rate.


04-01-2006, 07:56 PM
bump... any suggestions anyone? Or someone want to make me some box plans?

04-02-2006, 12:18 PM

Am I just a complete moron asking the wrong questions? Some of you have been great and provided lots of help. Others that I see out there helping lots of other people with tons of knowledge don't help me. Not that i'm saying all of you gotta help just saying it would be nice if some more suggestions arrose.

I came here for help on my POS stereo because here in Costa Rica the weather is nice, the women are beautiful but the craftmenship, installers, supplies are complete crap. So I figured with the vast knowledge that you all have someone could help me figure out what I need so that I don't rely on anyone here, just simply tell them what I need and done.

Like I said some of you have been great, i've figured out that I need a 3.5 cu/ft enclosure for my 2 10" subs, and that I needed to port my trunk to the cabin (if in the deck or ski hole), i've figured out how to wire my system so that I stop blowing fuses like their candy.

I just need to figure out. If anyone can tell me 4 things:

1. The total Volume required by both 10" subs with the specs stated above.
2. The direction of the subs/ports
3. If the ports should go directly to the cabin or use the trunk space with a port in the deck.
4. Have any of you heard of CrossFire? Is it another brand X?