View Full Version : Try again previous wrong forum oops... CDT ?

03-29-2006, 10:09 PM
I will try this again, as I accidently put this post in the wrong forum last time... Here goes...

I have the first series of CDT Eurosport 5.25 speakers, when they first came out.

I am installing a 5 amp system so the need for the crossovers is gone....

I do not like the tweeter mounts of the tweeters I have so want to switch to the DTR-26 Tweeters

This leaves me with only the 5.25 woofer, which this question is about...

I have heard there are new ES series speakers out, and I know of the 07 series. I was wondering if anyone has first hand experience with these and could recomend if I should keep my original 5.25 woofer I have now, or upgrade to a new ES or 07 woofer?

I have CDT-EF8 Midbass drivers going in my door, so I am looking for the best sounding speaker for the 250-500hz range and up. I am building custom fiberglass kicks for whatever midrange I use, so I would like to have the right one before the install. Any thoughts?

If needed I have a US Amps USA-50 to run whatever tweeters I get, and a USA-100x to run the 6, 5.25, or 4" midrange driver choosen.

Since I have the 8" for the doors, I am not sure I need a 6.5 or even a 5.25 for mids (as they take up more feet space) but I am looking for the best sounding, not most convienent, as since its all custom, its all the same amount of work. ;)