View Full Version : pioneer p6800mp / clarion 848rmc questions...

03-28-2006, 01:48 PM
im looking at buying one of these, or one similar priced. pioneer looks better, and site lists quite a few features but the clarion hard drive catches my eye.

1. Would this save music from like the radio, and tracks on cd's until i delete them? what im thinking is are they going to get deleted when turned off or something.

2. Also, noticed alpines in the same price range (below 170) and the pioneer have preouts of 2v, the clarion has 4v; i have a sub and will be connecting a second amp to it i was just wondering if this would incline me to buy the clarion?

3. and just one more thing...the pioneer says it has source dvd control, does that mean all i need is a monitor to get playback



any opinions on another HU which has better things, or opinions on these HU's would be appreciated.