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03-27-2006, 07:45 PM
Hi all nice forums i need some advice to what head unit i should get i had an alpine 7844 which was high end in its day but it has finally kicked the bucket .
i was thinking of getting the 9855 but from what im reading it not that good .

what i have installed in my 2004 z 71 now is the broke 7844
Boston pro s in my front doors
4x6 bostons in the rear doors
JLA 300 x4 running all doors
1 12 JLA in steathbox
PPI 100 watts running the sub

Any suggestions would be great im looking for a decent head unit anywhere from 200-400 dollars ive always been an alpine fan but im not sure anymore expecially the glide touch thing makes me nervous.

Also wheres the best place to get head units on the net?

03-27-2006, 09:50 PM
In that price range, it really boils down to what type of features you might (or might not) take advantage of.

If you want full-featured and support for iPods, it's really hard to go wrong with recent Alpine and Pioneer offerings.

If you want something that's simple, elegant, and like the "naturalist" approach to things, the Rockford Fosgate 8240ti (Platinum 1000) or 8250 (Platinum 2000) are pretty hard to beat, especially in that price range.

Also wheres the best place to get head units on the net?


They're actually authorized dealers for everything they sell (helps BIGTIME if there's an issue later down the line). They'll also pricematch a good amount of other online dealers out there.