View Full Version : Crystal horns

03-27-2006, 05:56 PM
Well im finally getting rid of the honda this summer and getting an suv. I plan on doing an active front stage with image dynamics 6.5 midbasses and horns. Im having trouble finding the id horns anywhere but i can get the crystal horns for a fairly cheap price. I will be powering the mids with 125 rms per side so I was thinking about getting a small amp in the neighborhood of 30-40 watts for the horns. Does anyone have any experience with the crystal horns compared to the ids? Ive heard the ids once and absolutely loved them, but the crystals would be a much cheaper option. Im going to need the front stage to keep up with an sx 18 (hopefully). Also if anyone is interested in trading my two month old eclipse 8445 for an alpine 9835 let me know