View Full Version : Measure twice and cut once...im talking about speakers

03-18-2006, 12:21 AM
Hi guys..im new here and wow the amount of info here on anything is crazy. happy i stumbled on this site.

anyways ive been researching what speakers to get. as im going to undertake a big project this summer.

this system will go in a BMW 528I. The car comes with a 3 way set up uo fromt and a 2 way in the rear. I would love to replace the 3 way system but if i cant no problem. I am going to put coax in the rear. I dont wanna worry about where to install tweeters.

I have some speakers in mind. I know about the dyanaudio, seas, rainbow, morel but those are out of my price range. what ive been looking at and is considering are: CDT EF line, Focal polyglass, and a DLS 3 way set up(ultimate)

Now i have had some 6x9 access focal in a car before and absolutely loved the. those things only got louder the more i turned them up. so help me out guys. what should i get?

03-18-2006, 02:29 AM
I have the CDT EF-61s, plus amp in the sig etc... I like them, but I wish I had listened to more components before I bought. It wasn't possible at the time, and I am happy with these for the money. Next time I'll be listening and spending more I'm sure! Anyway, CDT has higher end stuff and I want to try it out, among other brands.