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03-17-2006, 12:00 PM
Alright guys it comes down to there speaker setups

Boston Acoustics Z6 w/ BA Pro 60 for the rears

MB Quart QSD w/ MB Quart PCE

Focal 165K2p w/ Focal 165CV1

Rainbow Profi Van Phase w/ Rainbow SL165

I listen to mainly rock and I've already chose all the amps for each setup. Bostons MB Quart QAA4250 MB Quarts Audison LrX. Focal JL 450/4. Rainbow Audison or JL

Help me out here guys just lookin' for some opinions and if ya could give me some reasons why. Looking for the best amount of SQ possible.


03-18-2006, 11:58 PM
First of all I might *love* the sound of MB Quart speakers, and you might *hate* them and they could, in fact, have very good sound quality. Sound quality is not relative, it is absolute.

All of the speakers you have listed have exellent sound quality, are all hand made by highly respected speaker manufacturers, and are all "good" choices.

Which ones have you personally listened to? If the answer is none, then you 1st need to find a shop in your area to go an audition them.

Nowthen, take the money you intend to spend on a comp set for the rears (which is a complete waste of capital IMO) and add it to your front comp set and get back to us with your budget. By the looks of it, you will be spending at least $900-1000 according to your original plan.

For the money, I would personally take that MB Quart Q combo. :yumyum:

BTW, if I see another poll like that in the speaker section, I think I will have to stab myself in the temple with a steak knife!! Aaaauuuhhhhh!!!

03-19-2006, 12:26 AM
I really prefer rear fill though and I kind of want it in my truck too. But I could put cheaper speaks in the back.

And yeah I'm plannin' on spendin' around 1400.

I have heard all of the speakers on this list and was more or less just going for input to see who had good customer service, etc.

They all sound amazing and I just like having some back up on these kind of things ya know!

I was thinking about bi-amping the BA's w/ a 450/4 but I really want some rear fill and don't have the money to buy another amp for the rears. if I don't Biamp it I was planning on just usin' the 450/4 all around and buyin' cheaper rears.

I just really don't know what system I want to get...it's a tough choice ya know! lol I usually don't make threads and sure as hell don't make these ones. I'm just really lookin' for some input on everything.