View Full Version : 2 jackets for sale! A/X & Ecko Unltd

03-16-2006, 11:51 AM
Here's the link:



Thomas White
03-16-2006, 02:28 PM
cant get in cause im not a member,what size are they and how much.

03-16-2006, 06:02 PM
cant get in cause im not a member,what size are they and how much.


03-17-2006, 02:43 AM
wow. I didnt know that. I'll post up pictures here. Sorry for the crappy photos. Its taken by my cell phone.

03-17-2006, 03:03 AM
http://server5.ihostphotos.com/imgt/1e9W04B16be02Ffe926eF662d9eC6cc5.jpg (http://server5.ihostphotos.com/show.php?id=1e9W04B16be02Ffe926eF662d9eC6cc5)
Close up picture of the jacket for color purposes. Dont mind the reddish pic, its because Im taking it with my cell phone, and because my curtain is red and the sun is shining through.

http://server5.ihostphotos.com/imgt/7956W8B49be0908F67552F32W079fd82.jpg (http://server5.ihostphotos.com/show.php?id=7956W8B49be0908F67552F32W079fd82)
As you can see, its from AX, size M.

http://server5.ihostphotos.com/imgt/We16be45a8B67F7131F773df5F7f5b38.jpg (http://server5.ihostphotos.com/show.php?id=We16be45a8B67F7131F773df5F7f5b38)
Full pic of jacket.

Armani Exchange leather jacket, mint condition. I bought 2 years ago, worn only once for ~2 hrs! Color is greyish black. Zipper. Very nice. Still have leather smell to it. I bought it for $300, I want $150 plus shipping!

03-17-2006, 03:11 AM
http://server5.ihostphotos.com/imgt/1fW9e496a94B94d3Fd7faF79d7cfG1e0.jpg (http://server5.ihostphotos.com/show.php?id=1fW9e496a94B94d3Fd7faF79d7cfG1e0)
Close up pic of stain from water spilling on the jacket. It has the stain because it's from the navy blue part of the jacket.

http://server5.ihostphotos.com/imgt/790ffWd84B21F9b7606912Fdbe0Y0414.jpg (http://server5.ihostphotos.com/show.php?id=790ffWd84B21F9b7606912Fdbe0Y0414)
Close up pic of a black stain on right sleeve, where the elbow is. Looks like an oil stain or something. Very small stain.

http://server5.ihostphotos.com/imgt/702W9e82B29aFe01d394c1F26c9Te094.jpg (http://server5.ihostphotos.com/show.php?id=702W9e82B29aFe01d394c1F26c9Te094)
Front side stain from the first pic. Like it said, it was from water spilling on me and I guess the color somehow drizzled down along with the water.

http://server5.ihostphotos.com/imgt/87W17e972bbB663b9F7eb3W93abbA263.jpg (http://server5.ihostphotos.com/show.php?id=87W17e972bbB663b9F7eb3W93abbA263)
Front of jacket.

http://server5.ihostphotos.com/imgt/4003bW8e104B22eecF2Fc08feS1fb530.jpg (http://server5.ihostphotos.com/show.php?id=4003bW8e104B22eecF2Fc08feS1fb530)
Back of jacket.

The jacket is a size large. Varsity style jacket. Logo and numbers are orange, the jacket is navy blue, and the sleeves are ivory in color and its leather. The inside of the jacket is padded and its white. Its also a button up jacket. Very nice! Worn only once as well, the jacket is mint, except for those stains. Im sure it can be taken off at the cleaners. I bought it for $200 a year ago, I want $80 plus shipping.

Sorry the pics are really crappy! I only have my cell phone camera.

Both jackets are in Mint Mint conditon!! They're basically brand new! You wont be dissapointed.