View Full Version : Pioneer/Panasonic Ipod and XM questions

03-16-2006, 10:54 AM
There are so many panasonic models. Which ones are the new ones for this year?

Also, how good is their ipod integration?

I'm torn between getting an alpine (most likely not), Pioneer, or Panasonic.

Highest on my list are Pioneer 6800 or 7800 or one of the panasonics. I've read the newest Pioneers have really good ipod integration. Plus, it seems I have a better chance of finding a Pioneer steering wheel interface than panasonic. But then the panasonics seem to offer more for less $$ in terms of features. It looks like all the panasonics models can use their optional bluetooth interface. Can the Pioneer 6800 use Pioneer's bluetooth interface?

Other things I'm trying to find out for both Pioneer or Panasonic:

1) Can you turn off the backgrounds, flashy graphics, etc? I just want the text, plain and simple, as easy as possible to read.

2) How do XM presets work? Can I store as many stations as I want and then with one button just loop through them? My MyFi allows me to either store presets or edit the official XM channel list, but it's a pain to just loop through either set.