View Full Version : Any intrest in a minolta dimage Z2 4.0 megapixel digital camera/movie camera

03-09-2006, 06:14 PM
Hey guys got a 4 megapixel minolta dimage Z2 camera that is really nice with a 10X optical zoom. This camera can get really close to anything while you keep your distance. I bought it new online a while ago and love it. I have used it for a little under 9 months, still have the original box (little beat up) and everything from when I bought it. I have quite a few accessories with it, depending on what the offer is. I have a camera case with neck strap and pouches for cards, neck strap for the camera, USB cord, 4 rechargeable AA batteries and recharger, 16 mb card, 256 mb card, and just bought a 1 gigabyte or GB card in November day after thanksgiving sale. I even have the original sticker still on this thing from when I bought it describing the features. The only pieces not included are the manual and the original cd, as they were accidently thrown out. I can easily get the installation software for the camera and put it onto a disk and include it with the package. As for the manual, I downloaded it in PDF form and would be happy to email it to you or something like that.

I paid roughly 265 for this camera with a 256 card about 9 months ago and have taken great pics of HIN 2005, as well as a few other car shows, my installs, equipment, just anything really. It can takes pics in super-macro mode like half an inch away from something, and with a 10X zoom you can get phenomenol pictures of something really far away, crystal clear. My favorite part of the camera is the movies it takes. These are not your standard crappy 320X240 10 frames per second ****. This camera takes up to 640X480 movies at a rate of 30 FPS. I have some excellent movies of drag races, some models from HIN, wildlife, you name it you can take the vids.

This camera is in near perfect shape, has never been used in bad weather without being completely covered, nor has it been dropped, kicked around or anything like that. I'll take pics of it if I can, but that is going to be difficult as that is my only digital camera. If there is intrest in this camera please PM me with your offer as well as what accessories your interested in. You can get ahold of me with a PM or through aim, post on here, whatever I'm easy to get ahold of, and respond pretty quickly. Not really interested in trades but let me know if you have something your interested in trading. This is an excellent camera and you won't be disappointed. Just to give you an idea, I'm looking for around 200 for the camera with case, cd's, and 16 mb card. Thanks alot and let me know. **** this description got long.

03-11-2006, 12:39 AM
looking for around 200 or so shipped for the camera and the basic stuff with it, straps, 16 mb card, batteries, cords and disks

03-12-2006, 11:12 PM
nobody interested?