View Full Version : Need enclosure help

03-06-2006, 10:09 PM
Currently running a pair of MB Quart RWE 304 (12" DVC) powered by an Infinity 611a in my Nissan. I also have a PPI 15" (flat piston, foam surround) resting in my closet. Just bought a Jeep Cherokee and need help on which speaker(s) will get a new home and a new enclosure. Also need input on dimensions and sealed vs ported. I've listened to both in my Maxima, the MB Quarts hit harder, but the PPI is soo smooth and hits the lows... I listen to about every type of music, which does not help at all. I'm running Audiobahn 5 1/4 components powered by a fosgate amp in the front doors and rear cross beam.... Suggestion and input will be appriciated...