View Full Version : New Pioneer Head Units and Ipod

03-06-2006, 01:12 PM
Has anyone used the pioneer ipod interface with the new line of pioneer head units? I found this review on crutchfield about how it works really good now on the 6800, but I'm wondering if the same results will come from the 5800 head unit? Here's what the review said.. Is it a load a crap or did they actually improve it?

The Pioneer I-pod adapter has been a big disappointment for several Pioneer customers, especially those with pricey units like the AVIC-N1. The fact is, the adapter works perfectly, it is the head units that people are disappointed in. I recently installed this adapter on a brand new Pioneer 6800MP and let me tell you, it works perfectly with all of the controls available quickly at the touch of a control wheel that acts exactly the same as the wheel on the I-pod when in that mode. If you are considering this, please read these reviews carefully and see how your head unit interacts with this adapter. The newer Pioneer head units are getting rave reviews from I-pod owners, so do your research. The bottom line is, the adapter works fine.