View Full Version : not sure where this goes but why the fock is this router not lettin my PS2 go online

03-04-2006, 11:19 PM
been on the phone for the last hour and a half with linksys and they can't get it but i'm pissed and i still can't play online any help not sure if this is the right section but help please

03-05-2006, 01:46 AM
what is going on with it? im assuming it is something like a linksys wrt54g? or maybe one of those but with speed boost? I've got the wrt54g, and i had a major problem with it. All you get when you call them are Arabs, with accents you can hardly figure out. Ive never had a ps2 online, but if you can input a dns or mac address, try to clear it. That is what i had to do with my xbox in order to use xbox live. Try calling the playstation hotline, if they even have one. Or try going to the playstation website, and look if they have anything on the faq's for it. Also try to make sure that you allow your firewall to allow access to the online part of your ps2.

Will the PlayStation2 system and the Network Adaptor work with my router/switch/hub?

Both the SCPH-70000 series PlayStation2 systems and the Network Adaptor can function using a router with NAT (Network Address Translation), network switches, and hubs. However, SCEA does not have specific information in regards to how the PlayStation2 system or the Network Adaptor will function in your network environment. Your ISP may have more information for you.

By the way, what isp are you using? I know Insight Broadband was really helpful to me, and made it very easy, and a whole hell of a lot faster then linksys.