View Full Version : Equalizer or HU

03-04-2006, 04:56 PM
Alright so I've been waging a mental battle with myself trying to decide to go sq or continue with spl. If I continue with spl, I need to buy another sub cause I'm no longer loud enough to win my class. If I go sq I'm gonna need a new deck, and a new amp, and build an active crossover. I bought an AA assassin which is currently being used for a home theater sub but will go in my car if I decide SQ.

So pretty much should I buy a cheaper sq headunit from eclipse or the like and then buy a nice equalizer, processor, and crossover to match. Or should I buy a high end sq hu and just use that for all my equalizing and processing and possibly eq or I would just build my own crossover. Either way I'm gonna have to buy a new amp cause this one is ****** and is only 2 channel.