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03-03-2006, 02:01 AM
I went over to verizon,

Quick run down, I had my phone for just over 1yr then added my gf when the razr came out,and I bought the razor used that on my account and gave her my phone. My contract for mine ended and I switched to verizon. This phone I just got maybe 2 weeks ago (new under warrenty) because the other one the camera crapped out. This one they sent me even has the video mode on it. Total talk time on it right now is about 12hrs. As far as scratches on it or on the screan, there is still the plastic on it from when they sent it to me. There is one nick on the back battery part and I will show in pic. That is all, phone works 100% included in this phone is a bluetooth headset, ( I bought this when I was pulled over, not used just kept in the car uncase I was ever pulled over again) I believe it is a hs810 or 850 it is like a $120 headset. It comes with the home charger and the usb charger. The phone comes with the home charger and a car charger along with a construction style case.

I was very happy with this phone and it held up extremely well, I do alot of construction style work and it was great but this thing has been babied since I just got it the other week because I knew I was going to sell it.

$225shipped for it..... It is locked to cingular but there are places that will unlock it for use with others for around $10

If you think this price is high look on ebay just the phone used scratched up is going for $130-150
This also has about 5-6 months left on the warrenty so if anything happens you can send me the phone I will call them up and get a brandnew replacement for it. But I have to do it, and I am a honest person and would never scam anyone. I will get pics of the headset it is silver, but thats in my car right now
I can get more pics if need this will go on ebay in 2 days if none is interested. I believe i have the original box for it as well.

03-03-2006, 02:03 AM
in one pic it looks like brown stuff on the front that is from the camera you can see its fine in another pic

Also sorry for the large pics but I want you to be able to see there is only that one knick on the back.

03-07-2006, 02:00 PM