View Full Version : eclipse CD5425

02-21-2006, 08:42 PM
i was just reading some reviews and forums on this deck. It sounds pretty good. Right now i have an alpine 9843. i got it on ebay for 130. I like it a lot, but im gonna have to let it go bc a friend of mine is selling me this for 100$ because he is getting this big a$$ 2000$ deck (hes loaded). Now this thing sounds frickin awesome with all the features and stuff. well, it might not have that many, but remember im upgrading from a 9843 alpine. the main thing i like is the build in crossover for front and rear bc my alpine kicks the crap outta my spkrs at a decently high volume. The questions i have are does this thing really not have any pause buttom on it? you just have to turn the volume down? Secondly, it says that this doesnt have a sub control, so i would only be able to control it by the bass on the HU, correct? Anything else ne one doesnt like about this HU?

For 100$, im not complaining too much, but im just curious about this deck

02-23-2006, 03:15 PM
It does have a subwoofer level control, it is called a non fader and is accessed by pushing the volume control until non fader is showing, then adjust the control left or right for more or less output. The built in crossover is only on the preamp lines, not on the built in amplifier. So like your alpine, if you turn the volume up too high and clip the signal, your speakers will continue crapping out as you are causing the problem, not the speaker. Feed it garbage, that is what it will produce until it dies a horrible and usually smelly death. There is no pause button. It will deliver results to your ears that the Alpine can only think about.